Storytelling performance

In 2015 and 2016 I aided a storytelling workshop organized by Jonatan Bartling and Ron Bunzl. The participants told their story and I made a drawing to each one while they were speaking. This drawing was then used to refine and shape the next version of the story. I had to listen very attentively, it was almost like athletic listening for me. In a few occasions I was listening so hard I could hear the message before it was spoken; I drew red, and the storyteller would say “red”.
Later I wrote in a couple of sentences what the essence of the story was in my mind, for example:
“There were many obstacles, I am full of ideas but organizing is not my thing. I see a stage for ideas: a box outside the box.”

“I live in my hole, warm and secluded. I have everything I need, no need to bother me, please. I am building my little castles inside. “

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