Plyers of enlightenment

When my friend told me about her research on the workings of brain cells, and how she used “tweezers made of light” to pick up and change molecules, I was immediately inspired to paint the invisible events in our brains. In my other work I explore the various societal and psychological outcomes of humans combining within themselves wisdom, rationality, and destructive stupidity. Neuroscience digs into the actual communication within ourselves. It brings to light that we are not just an internal dialogue living in a body, but maybe more a kind of spokesperson for a society of cells. The great joy of being an artist is that I am free to go on a journey of associations, visualizing the science how it pleases me. I can explore the poetry of a lonely neuron in a laboratory, its little tentacles, only talking to itself, like fingers reaching out to find only its own hand.
The more we know the more we understand that a thought is not a random event, and the closer we might get to a cynical determinism. This led me to try to imagine what cause and effect looks like, and whether we could be happy to play the music that is already written.

the lonely neuron, living on a sapphire

a timed taking in of the world

the lonely astrocyte

cause and effect, imagined as a pine cone