Rini Brakkee (1983) and lives and works in Amsterdam. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, department of Fine Art. She is interested in existential crises, and the strange things people do to find a solution to them. In her art she explores paradoxical concepts  like “choosing to believe”, “introspection” or “giving meaning”. Since graduating from art school she has worked in a variety of media: drawings, sculpture, installations, video, text and collage. Currently she is working on a series of paintings and drawings about the violent nature of the family bond.

Groeten van Marc
Rini Brakkee owns a studio for artistic courses, workshops and exhibitions in Amsterdam West. She likes to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for drawing, painting, crafts and poetry with her students. Visit the website: www.groetenvanmarc.nl

Private art classes and portfolio consultations are also possible, at the studio in Amsterdam west. Costs: €52,50/hour for adults, €45/hour for kids under 21. Send an email to rini_brakkee@hotmail.com to discuss your wishes.

Slow Art
On average people look no more than 30 seconds at an artwork. Rini means to change that one artwork at a time. Under her guidance a group of participants looks carefully at the formal and associative aspects of a work and discover it’s hidden meanings in ca. 45 minutes. Do you want to participate in a Slow Art event? slow art on facebook