Slow Art

Slow Art means taking the time to really see.

People travel all over the world, purchase a ticket, stand in line in the rain in front of a museum, and check their coat (stand in line again), and finally, they get to see the Mona Lisa/Girl with the Pearl Earring/etc. After all this trouble, they look at a masterpiece for 15 seconds and take a selfie. And move on to the gift shop.

What if we take our time to look at one artwork for 45 minutes? This may seem like an impossibly long time, but don’t worry, you won’t be doing it by yourself. A group of participants can surprise each other in sharing their associations, eye for detail or the bigger picture. Slow Art increases your enjoyment of art, your communication and observation skills, and mindfulness in art and daily life settings.

Rini Brakkee is a very passionate moderator of Slow Art. Her training at the Rietveld academy comes to use in looking at art in different ways, and questioning its formal and contextual aspects. Working with group dynamic to make art an adventure is her goal.

Slow Art works in gallery and museum settings, but can also be organised for private (house) parties.